Access Capital Partners pays particular importance to standards of management and business ethics.


Sustainable .


Convinced that the environmental, social and governance factors are key to delivering sustainable performance, Access has incorporated these extra financial criteria into all stages of its investment process since 2007 when the firm started its engagement program.

Access became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment instituted by the United Nations (“UN-PRI”) in 2008 and has developed a three-step approach to ESG integration which covers due diligence, annual portfolio ESG performance monitoring and investment analysis at exit.

Access Capital Partners continues to hold its A+ rating in the responsible investment strategy and governance category of the UN PRI's annual benchmarking assessment, demonstrating a firm-wide pledge to ESG. 

As an active and significant investor, Access actively encourages best practices among its General Partner community.

An ESG report is produced for Investors on an annual basis.

At corporate level, Access ensures that the firm itself is managed in a responsible manner and will pay particular attention to the respect of international law on human rights, and to the application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria its management.


Access Capital Partners

Corporate Social Responsability

Access Capital Partners

Remuneration Policy




For Fund _


Assessment of the manager’s
degree of ESG awareness and

LPA side letters


ESG clause inserted in the
legal documentation  

Annual ESG monitoring
at company level

> 500 portfolio companies


Exit case studies


Qualitative and quantitative
assessment of ESG improvements
during the holding period

Annual ESG


Annual ESG report for co-
mingled funds and mandates 


for direct_

ESG Due Dilligence   

Check list to assess the
level of ESG integration pre-

External ESG

Support the integration of
ESG policies within the
company when necessary

External audit  

Considering implementing a
carbon footprint measure


Annual ESG  

Review of the company
extra financial performance



Annual ESG report for co-
mingled funds 
and mandates