Established in December 1998, Access Capital Partners (“Access”) is an independent private assets manager, majority owned by its management, investing in the key economies of Western Europe. 


Added value

Access' culture is founded on delivering performance and value to its clients, while maintaining a high level of investment standards and ethics.

Access gathers expertise in private markets to offer investors synergetic investment opportunities across Growth and Smaller Buy-outs, Infrastructure and Private Debt markets and provide them with efficient solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Each business line has a dedicated team, which offers investors exposure to primary and secondary fund investments and, through separate vehicles, direct and co-investments in selected opportunities alongside reputable fund managers, investors or industrial partners.

The common administration, reporting, investor relations and compliance platform enables these strategies to be accessed through co-mingled closed end funds or separate accounts, according to the needs of clients.


Access has consistently centred its investment philosophy on quality assets with profitable growth, working alongside experienced and most respected partners, to help businesses with strong market positions, meaningful development potential and predictable, positive, cash flows to grow. Clear growth strategies with a significant buy-and-build component has been considered a driver of outperformance, particularly in the smaller buy-out and private debt market segments.


In its fund of funds management practice Access aims at working closely with General Partners providing capital to support growth across buy-outs, private debt and infrastructure assets. Being present on the advisory boards of investee funds, Access ensures an early involvement on any material issue and a deeper insight into the assets.  

Access is also an active direct investor in quality assets, working alongside Access’ fund managers, other investors or industrial partners at the early stages of relevant investment opportunities. The firm seeks to be a value add co-investor, bringing a wider viewpoint to the transactions and adding insight, relevant advice and a network of resources aimed at improving the outcome of the investment.


Access’ commitment to Socially Responsible Investment is deeply rooted in its conviction that sustainable growth cannot be achieved without considering the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and communities in which its portfolio companies operate. The evolution in the way ESG has been approached by Access and its partners is highly beneficial on various levels, from reinforced alignment of interests, risk mitigation to value creation.