Established in December 1998, Access Capital Partners (“Access”) is an independent Private Assets manager, majority owned by its management, investing in the key economies of Western Europe. 


Access is committed to high standards of fund and corporate governance and ensures that its values are upheld throughout the business in the clients' best interest. 



By setting the following committees, Access guarantees its funds are operating in the best interests of the investors.

Each of the three market segments benefits from its own Selection Committee, comprising the Managing Partners and the senior members of the relevant investment team. Meeting on a “as often as necessary” basis, the purpose of these committees is to formally debate on a “Go / No Go for full due diligence” decision in respect of each investment opportunity brought to the committee. Such decisions are based on a review of the preliminary analyses carried out by the team.


Each of the three business lines benefit from their own Investment Committee comprising the Managing Partners and the relevant investment Partners per asset class. The Investment Committees are responsible for making all investment and divestment decisions in respect of their business line.


The Access Valuation committee is conducted on a quarterly basis and consists of a formal valuation review of underlying funds and their respective assets in accordance with the valuation guidelines of the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuations Guidelines (IPEV Guidelines) produced by Invest Europe, France Invest and by the British Venture Capital Association.




Access is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has ultimate oversight over management. Its role is to oversee the strategic direction of the firm and ensure full accountability, fairness, and transparency with regard to market standards and regulations.